"McCurdy Investments and Dennis McCurdy and have managed my investments and have been my financial advisor for over ten years. Dennis works hand-in-hand with me to make sure that I’m comfortable with my overall investment strategy and he understands my personal investment philosophies. He suggests strategies that are not only in tune to my feelings, but are also in tune with the prevailing market conditions. As a result, I have seen steady growth in my retirement nest-egg and in my overall net worth. I have complete trust in McCurdy Investments and recommend both Dennis and his team."   ~ Kevin P.

"Truthful and reassuring. Has always been trustworthy and upfront." ~ Mary Desy

"Ability to show continued returns even in the hardest of times. Dennis is an honest no-nonsense guy who genuinely cares about his clients. ~ Peter Lynch

"He’s easy & pleasant to talk to and has a sense of humor! He’s a good guy." ~ Mark Cloutier

"Very honest. I believe Dennis offers a much more personal and honest service and is more interested in each individual client then “the big guys.” ~ Ken & Martha Blodgett

"Dennis has good communication and people skills. Keeps us updated. Very steady and dependable. Dennis has a great personality, makes you feel comfortable and at ease. I trust him." ~ Al Dhembe

"Good financial advice. He takes time to explain the plan and answers my questions. Dennis McCurdy is honest, caring and generous in his concern for his client’s welfare." ~ Rita Schiano

"Dennis is respectful his client’s time. A relationship of trust. Dennis is a good teacher." ~ John Keizer

"Patient. He is interested in my goals and my “comfort level”, not just in taking on risk." ~ Joanne Dall